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Have you read Andrew Leland’s book yet?!

Cover of Andrew Leland's book The Country of the Blind.

It’s nice when friends and colleagues send you notes out of the blue. It’s even nicer when they’re reaching out to say they read about you in a ‘Book of the Year’.

It turns out Andrew Leland is a Talk Description to Me fan! In his new memoir The Country of the Blind, Leland mentions my podcast, which seeks to fill in the gaps in our very visual media landscape.

“Talk Description to Me takes images from the news (Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s social media presence; footage from the January 6 riot at the US Capitol) or other iconic images that blind people (especially those blind from a young age) might never hear about in visual detail (cave paintings; Day of the Dead decorations; the moon) and describes them, earnestly and thoroughly.”

Pretty great! Not only do I get some love for the podcast, and heartfelt pats on the back from friends and colleagues, I now have the pleasure of calling my Talk D co-creator Christine Malec to give her the good news, too!