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Visual Description

The main panel of this graphic is an artist's illustration of a close-up view of a quasar and its jet, which resembles a beam of multicolored light shooting from a spiraling red ring. The distant ring is shown at our lower left, and the beam shoots toward us, crossing the image diagonally before exiting at our upper right. The red ring features a tangle of fine red lines encircling a black disk. This is the quasar; a rapidly growing black hole. The black disk at the quasar's center is the event-horizon, and the fine red lines represent the material swirling around it. Emerging from above this distant quasar is the multicolored beam, or jet. This jet is made up of energetic particles redirected away from the quasar. In the artist's illustration, the high-speed jet is brilliant white at its core, with streaks of violet and electric blue. A distinct orange and red cloud lines the motion-blurred jet.

Working with NASA

Developing an approach that combines scientific explanation and visual description: Science Integrated Description.