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JJ’s cartoon avatar
JJ’s cartoon avatar long description

JJ’s cartoon avatar is a barrel-chested man with light skin tone, a pompadour of curly grey hair, and an equally large pouf of grey beard. With a toothy grin, wide eyes and a button nose, he stands and waves at us dressed in a red plaid shirt, blue jeans, and brown hiking shoes.

About JJ Hunt

Hi there! I’m J.J. Hunt, a story-telling, cabin-building, all-day-breakfast-eating father of two and husband of one. I live and work in fantastic downtown Toronto, Canada.

For over 20 years I’ve been describing the world around us. I started working in film and television, added live events, and then shifted into museum and fine art description. These days I do quite a lot of training, and enjoy working through quirky description challenges with colleagues in the Blind community, often on live tours and on podcasts. 

If you’d like to be in touch, you can always reach me by email at